Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Romantic Prague

Romance is viewed somehow – individually and probably the adjective „romantic,“ would not be the first one that comes up to your mind in connection to Prague...there are, however, some facts that turns our theory into practice.

Vltava river

Fact no.1: Vltava, the river in the city centre that mirrors buildings and lights on its surface. With countless historical and modern bridges across the river it calls for walks and stops to watch the sun setting or rising. Boat trips, small boats rides around the islands. Sitting on the embankment and walking along the river..

Prokop Valley

Fact no.2: Parks and nature. Town parks and pieces of nature paradises in the middle of the town even these are offered by Prague. Either you go to the Petrin hill, royal gardens or the Prokop Valley – bird songs, ponds, pathways, views, picnics wait for you..

Collage of Prague sights

Fact no.3: History and art. Boring for one romantic route to history for the other. The town of kings and the centre of art from historical to current one..

Fact no.4: The city itself. Panoramic views on almost every step, greatly-lit sights, romantic corners, tangled streets, hidden cafés..

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Vltava, boats
Night view of the Prague Castle
View from Vltava river bank

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