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The Best Multitap Beer Bars In Prague

Thanks to its cheap alcohol and beer cheaper than water, Prague is one of the major nightlife cities in Europe. We have already introduced you the best microbreweries or bars in Prague and now you will discover the best multitap beer bars in Prague! Beer is the Czech national drink, a part of Czech culture. And Prague is the beer capital of the world, no doubt about it. In this city, most tourists drink Pilsner Urquell, original Czech Budweiser Budvar or (if they read our post) beers from Prague's microbreweries. But if you want to taste true gems, visit one of the multitap beer bars! These beer pubs offer usually over 5 different tap beers from both small and large (mostly Czech) breweries and they change them almost every day! Some of the pubs offer more than 20 craft beers! Beer tasting heaven, Mecca for beer lovers! Some of them are easily accesible on foot but most multitap beer bars are not located in a historical center and you will need to take a tram, subway or taxi to get there. But it's worth it! And don't forget to book a table!!!

1. Zlý časy

One of the most unique beer pubs in Prague. The pub is divided into three sections and every day you can taste 48 different tap beers from many microbreweries! You can also get delicious burgers and Czech dishes. Take tram no. 18 at the National Theatre and get off at Náměstí Bratří Synků station.

Google rating: 4,4/5
Address: Čestmírova 5, Prague 4
Website: (only in Czech)

2. Kulový blesk

You will really love this one! Located close to I.P. Pavlova subway station, Kulový blesk offers almost 30 tap beers every day! You can try their classic Czech beer snacks and burgers or ribs in the evening. You can easily get there by tram no. 22 from the National Theatre or red (C) metro line.

Google rating: 4,4/5
Website: (only in Czech)

3. Pivovarský klub

6 exclusive beers on tap and more than 200 bottled beers. Great beer pub with a great atmosphere. Don't hesitate to taste traditional Czech dishes and grilled specials. The pub is located not far from Florenc subway station, take the yellow (B) line from Národní třída or Náměstí republiky. Or take a nice 20 minutes' walk from the city center.

Google rating: 4,5/5

4. Dno pytle

This cozy beer pub is located in Vinohradská street. You can choose from 8 different tap beers - delicious and unique beers from Czech or Bavarian microbreweries. If you are hungry, order a small beer snack (sausages, pates and others). Take a tram to Vinohradská tržnice stop or go to Jiřího z Poděbrad subway station - green line (A).

Google rating: 4,3/5
Website: (only in Czech)

5. Zubatý pes

If you like a great choice of tap beers, go to Zubatý pes! Although it's a little further from the city center you will really like it. 15 unique beers on tap - not only the Czech ones but from many other countries. You can also get grilled sausage, nachos or spicy salami with your beer. 

Google rating: 4,6/5

6. BeerGeek Bar

One of the biggest choice of tapped craft beer in Prague, that's BeerGeek. They have 32 taps, preffering craft beers. You can taste more than 5 new beers every day! You can also get their chicken wings, sandwiches or quesadillas. The beer bar is located very close to Jiřího z Poděbrad subway station - green line (A).

Google rating: 4,5/5

6. Poctivej výčep

The name can be translated as "Honest pub". At really is! The staff really knows everything about beer and the beers they offer are always very special and delicious. Every day guests choose from 5 craft beers. Go from Muzeum to Kobylisy station - red line (C).

Google rating: 4,9/5
Website: (only in Czech)

7. Pivní šenk U Kacíře

In Mánesova street, close to Jiřího z Poděbrad metro station in Vinohrady district, you can find a nice little pub. From monday to saturday U Kacíře offers at least 6 tap beers from small regional breweries and microbreweries. You can also get a sausage, brawn or pickled cheese.

Google rating: 4,5/5

8. Prague Beer Museum

Thanks to its location in a center of Prague and a huge choice of tap beer Prague Beer Museum is one of the best known multitap beer pubs. Every day you can taste 30 beers, mix of famous Czech brands and microbreweries. You can find it only 2 minutes' walk from the Charles Bridge and 5 minutes from the Residence Karolina!

Our rating: 4,2/5

9. Pivo a párek

You can translate its name as "Beer and sausage". And that's exactly what you'll get! Choose from at least 6 delicious tap beers from microbreweries and enjoy their sausages, pickled cheese, bacon and other beer snacks! The pub is located in Žižkov district - take tram no. 9 at the National Theatre and go to Lipanská stop.

Google rating: 4,5/5

10. Pípa Beer Story

Only 1 minute from our Residence Masna and 3 minutes from the Old Town Square you can visit this great multitap beer pub. Nice selection of 8 tap beers every day and more than 160 bottled beers. In Pípa Beer Story they also specialize in pairing great beer snacks and cheese with beer. 

Our rating: 4,2/5

11. Království piva

Kingdom of Beer! Or my kingdom for a beer? Why not when the beer is so good. They brew their own beer and offer another 5 tap craft beers. As always, you can also order a sausage, brawn, pickled cheese and other beer snacks. And how to get there? Take a metro to Hradčanská station (green line A) and walk 5 minutes to the pub.

Our rating: 4,5/5

What multitap beer bar do you like the most? Or do you know any other great pubs with a great selection of craft beers? Let us know in comments!

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Prague Infographic - Superb Complete Travel Guide

All you need to know before going to Prague! Best time to visit Prague for a nice weather or to avoid the biggest crowds? What are the worst tourist traps? What are absolutely MUST SEE sights and what other sights are worth a visit? What food and drinks you must try? What are the best restaurants serving genuine Czech meals? And what is the truth about trdelník? What are average prices of goods and services? How to easily get from the airport? What other Czech towns you should visit? Hidden gems, the best free sights, movies shot in Prague, the best views and more! Our infographic has it all! 

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Awesome 3 Days in Prague Itinerary

If you are planning to spend 3 days in Prague, you are lucky! You have a great chance to see all the famous highlights and even some hidden gems and great pubs! If you stay with Prague City Apartments you don't need to worry, all apartments are located in a very center of Prague and you can explore everything on foot! Prague really is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and you are going to love it!

On a first day make sure to get up early. We mean really early. The best time to hit the road is just after 6 A.M. That's your only chance to see the most famous Prague sights without crowds of tourists. To see "the Big 3" (Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle) with no tourists we recommend to take the historical Royal Route. The route starts by the Powder Tower, very close to our Masna and Rybna residences. The Powder Tower, built in the 15th century, is one of the most important monuments of medieval Prague. Next to the tower you can admire probably the most famous Art Nouveau building in Prague - The Municipal House built in 1912. After you take a few unique "touristless" pictures, take a Celetná street which goes from the Republic Square to the Old Town Square. You will have the most popular Prague square just for yourself! The Old Town Square is the oldest and historically most significant square in Prague. Its origin dates back to the 10th century. Take a picture of the Týn Church and enjoy a view of the Old Town Hall with Astronomical Clock without annoying crowds.

Then take the Karlova street which leads to the Charles Bridge, the oldest bridge over the Vltava River and one of the most visited sights in Prague. Its construction started in 1357 under the shield of King Charles IV and was completed in 1402. The bridge is 1690 feet long, composed of 16 arches and also decorated with 30 stone sculptures. Three bridge towers are built at both ends of the bridge. From the bridge you can go to the Kampa Island and see the Lennon's Wall. The island is separated from the Lesser Town by a narrow channel called the Devil's Stream. Then continue to the Malostranské Square and admire the baroque Church of St Nicholas.

Now you can climb the castle stairs or take the Nerudova street to get to the Hradčany Square. The castle is open from 6 A.M. so you can enjoy it with no lines and crowds! If you want to see the castle and the St. Vitus Cathedral interiors it is open from 9 A.M. Prague Castle, the largest castle complex in the world, is the traditional seat of Czech monarchs and presidents. It is proudly overlooking Prague since the 9th century. The St. Vitus Cathedral with its more than 300 feet tall Bell Tower is a dominant visible from almost everywhere. If you are hungry we recommend to return to the Old Town and have a lunch in one of the great restaurants. If you stay with Prague City Apartments, use our superb online Prague guide to find the best places! If you want to taste the best Czech food, read our post 8 Places to Taste the Best Traditional Czech Cuisine in the Old Town of Prague. Most restaurants serve lunch from 11 A.M. The sooner you have a lunch the better because most places get quite crowded after noon. If you visit Prague from April to September it is a great idea to relax after sightseeing and lunch in one of the beautiful parks or gardens. Check our post The Most Beautiful Parks, Gardens and Nature in Prague.

After you have a rest, you can go exploring the Jewish Quarter (Josefov). Jewish Quarter dates back to the 13th century and today it is a well preserved complex of important Jewish buildings. Be sure to visit all the most important parts of the Jewish Museum - Old Jewish Cemetery, Synagogues (Maisel, Pinkas, Spanish, Old New) or Ceremonial Hall.
Before you hit the pubs you can admire Rudolfinum, built in 1876-1884. It is architecturally one of the most important buildings in Prague. For more than 130 years it serves as a concert hall and it is the main concert venue of the famous Czech Philharmonic. If you have more time you can even visit Rudolfinum Gallery.

Once you are in Prague you probably want to taste the most delicious beer in the world. And also super cheap! You can visit one of the renowned pubs with Pilsner Urquell or Budweiser Budvar but you should also try excellent microbreweries recommended by us! Just see our post 7 Prague Microbreweries You Must Visit. You can even choose one of the popular beer tours to taste very special beers with an experienced guide. Ask our staff to get the best tips!
If you travel with kids you read our Prague with Kids Complete Guide and make your own great itinerary.

OK, yesterday was a very busy day, especially if you stayed late enjoying beer. There is no need to wake up too early. Get a nice cup of coffee and breakfast in one of cafés (see our online guide) and start exploring! Day 2 will be the day of great views! You can choose only one of our tips or climb all the towers! Visit the top of the Powder Tower if you want a nice panoramic view of Prague, from the Old Town Hall you will have a wonderful view of the Old Town and the Old Town Bridge Tower offers a great view of the Charles Bridge from above and Prague Castle - perfect during sunset!

Then go to the Lesser Town and take a funicular (operating since 1891) up to the Petřín Hill. The funicular is a part of Prague Public Transit Company so you can use your metro/tram tickets or buy one in a vending machine next to the lower station. On the hill you can visit a mirror maze and you also shouldn't miss the Petřín lookout tower. Same as the funicular, this 65 meters tall structure was built in 1891 when the members of the Czech Tourist Club were impressed by the Eiffel Tower in Paris and decided to make a five-times smaller copy. You can use an elevator or 299 steps to climb up and get wonderful views of Prague and a large part of Bohemia.
From the Petřín lookout tower it is only a 10 minutes' walk to the Strahov Monastery,  the oldest Premonstratensian monastery in Bohemia. It was founded in 1143 by Vladislaus II, Duke of Bohemia, and now it is one of the most important architectural monuments in the Czech Republic. Just next to the monastery have a lunch and great beer in the Strahov Monastic Brewery.

From Strahov you can go to one of the most beautiful streets in Prague called Nový Svět. You will love this picturesque old street as it is located off the beaten path and not many tourists know about it!
From the Castle District take a nice 20 minutes' walk back to the river and don't forget to enjoy the views! Check Prague's narrowest street with traffic lights and visit Franz Kafka Museum located in the unique Herget Brickworks. Then have a nice dinner and go the National Theatre, the most important theatre of the Czech Republic. It was built from the national public collection and was open in 1881 for the first time. After a devastating fire, the theatre was open for the second time in 1883. You can visit drama, opera or ballet performance, just choose a play on the National Theatre website. If you want to discover Prague's vibrant nightlife, read our Ultimate List of the Best Bars in Prague and enjoy the best drinks!

Your last day in Prague. Start on the Wenceslas Square, 700 meters long square, the largest cultural and business center of Prague. It has witnessed many important historic events, huge celebrations and demonstrations. If you like modern art you should see the unique Statue of Kafka by Czech artist David Cerny. It was built in 2014 next to the Quadrio shopping center, between Spalena and Vladislavova streets. On your last day you should definitely visit Vyšehrad, originally a small fortification built in the 10th century. It was gradually rebuilt into the massive fortress and throughout its history it was even the seat of Czech kings. You can go by subway or tram but we recommend to take a beautiful walk along the river. On the way to Vyšehrad you will see famous Dancing House by Frank O. Gehry. Building gained its name from the towers that resemble famous dancers Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. It was open in 1996 and won the prestigious Time magazine Design of the Year prize in the same year.

Once you get to Vyšehrad, enjoy nice views of Prague, see the St. Martin Rotunda, relax in the park and visit Vyšehrad Cemetery, the final resting place of the most important Czechs. After lunch you can visit one of the museums or galleries. Or in case of good weather you can rent a paddle boat! You can go with up to 3 friends and it is a great fun! Choose one of the rental places and discover Prague from the river! In the evening you can discover more pubs or go on a boat trip. You can choose from many day or evening trips, trips with dinner and more. Ask our staff to get the best tips!

Of course in Prague there are other very interesting places, sights or attractions and nobody is able to see them all in 3 days. We tried to mention the best and most important ones but feel free to adjust the itinerary according to what you like! If you want to visit Prague Zoo, we recommend a whole-day trip.

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The Best Burgers in Prague

This iconic American meal is not something what tourists usually seek in Prague. But they should because you can find many great burger pubs that are worth trying! Whether your stay in Prague is longer and you miss good burgers or you just want to try some of the unique burgers with typical Czech ingredients, check our list!

Price range:
$ - cheapest
$$$$$ - most expensive


1. Meat & Greet Burgerhouse

You will enjoy your burger in a beautiful and stylish interior with a great service. Deservedly rated as one of the best burger places Prague, Meat & Great Burgerhouse is located in Senovážné Square, not far from the Wenceslas or Republic Square. We recommend to make a reservation as this place is very popular and it is very likely you will have to wait for a table especially during lunch time. You can choose from a number of reasonably priced burgers, all of them offering very interesting mix of ingredients. Check their menu!

Price: $$

2. Café Palanda


Café Palanda is located in Zlatnická street not far from the Republic Square. It is one of the best known and most popular burger pubs in Prague so don't forget to book a table in advance. For their burgers they use only fresh ingredients - the best Czech beef, buns from a small Prague bakery, delicious Dutch potatoes for fries or vegetables from Czech farmers. Try their Royal Bacon Cheese Burger, Pulled Pork Sandwich, Spicy Brie Burger or other tasty burgers. As a bonus, the service is quick and very friendly!

Price: $$$

3. Hard Rock Café

You have probably visited many Hard Rock Cafés all over the world but this one is very special as it is one of the largest in Europe. It is situated in a beautiful historical house "U Rotta", just a minute from the Old Town Square. You will be impressed by a stunning guitar shaped chandelier! Burgers in Hard Rock Café are a bit pricey but definitely delicious and unique. You can get one of their signature burgers or one special Czech burger. If you are lucky you may taste also World Burger Tour burgers but this event is quite rare.  

4. Serial Burgers

Only 3 minutes' walk from our Residence Karolina and the Narodní street you will find this original and stylish burger pub. You will love the basement styled interior with posters of criminals. Their burgers are large and delicious - classic Ultra Bacon Burger, spicy Jalapeño & Habanero or excellent White Rabbit Burger? Do not hesitate to try their onion rings or beef carpaccio. We recommend to make a reservation as it can get quite busy!

Price: $$$
Address: Ostrovní 24, Prague 1

5. T.G.I. Friday’s Na Příkopě


Sometimes you must pay a little extra for a great quality but when you taste burgers in T.G.I. Friday's you won't regret. Their burgers are just perfect. Also great atmosphere and very nice service make it one of the best burger places in Prague. As the first T.G.I. Friday's in Prague it was opened in 1997 in famous Na Příkopě street connecting Wenceslas and Republic Squares. Don't forget to taste their signature cocktails.

Price: $$$$$
Address: Na Příkopě 27, Prague 1


6. Beer & Burger U Čížků


As the name hints, in this burger pub you won't get just delicious burgers but also a great beer. It is located in Karlovo Square, not far from the Dancing House or the New Town Hall, from our Residence Karolina it is a nice 12 minutes' walk. You can choose from many burgers with original names for a great price! You will love Čížburger, Obr Bobr, Farmář Véna or Pipi Burger! Their buns are always fresh, made in a bakery 5 minutes from here. You can also order tasty ribs, pork knee or steaks. The interior is nice and cozy.

Price: $$
Address: Karlovo nám. 34, Prague 2

7. Dish


Just off the center of Prague, in Vinohrady district, you will find this fine burger bistro. Located close to Náměstí Míru (tram 22 from the National Theatre stop) in Římská street, for many locals this is the right place to taste the best burger in Prague. The interior is divided into two parts - in the front one you can watch your burger being prepared, the second one is quieter and cozier. They offer more than 10 types of burgers, all of the very special and delicious. Try Koza Nostra with goat cheese, Kahuna with serrano ham and pineapple salsa or Savory with portobello mushroom! Don't forget to make a reservation in advance.

Price: $$$
Address: Římská 29, Prague 2

8. Mozaika Burger & Co.

Another great burger place in Vinohrady district is Mozaika Burger & Co. in Nitranská street near the Jiřího z Poděbrad metro station (green line A, four stops from the Staroměstská station). In a stylish interior you can get one of six burgers including one for vegetarians. Choose from a classic size (170g of meat) or a slider (85g of meat). Their burgers are quite unique - Chilli Con Carne with pulled beef, Hell with chorizo and spicy salsa or Lamb with... well, lamb. Don't forget to try a great beer from Matuška brewery which is brewed not far from Prague.

Price: $$$
Address: Nitranská 13, Prague 3

9. Bejzment


If you go to Smíchov district, you shouldn't miss Bejzment, very nice burger pub, just 10 minutes' walk form the Dancing House. They are proud to serve real American burgers in a really stylish American interior. Their burgers are quite reasonably priced and very uniquely named - Hustej Mexikán (Cool Mexican), Big Fet Amerikán (Big Fat American) or simpy Švestka (Plum). You can also get delicious sandwiches and other specials. Great experience!

Price: $$$
Address: Lesnická 8, Prague 5

10. The Tavern


In Vinohrady district, just next to the Riegrovy sady park you will find The Tavern, a lovely burger pub owned by Lori from Kentucky and Dean from Washington. The best way to get there is to go by tram No. 9, get off at Husinecká stop and take a nice walk to Riegrovy sady. They offer around eight classic burgers and three vege burgers, also delicious. You can also try their house-smoked specialties or party snacks. And if you get a beer from Ježek brewery or one of their cocktails, it will be an unforgettable visit!

Price: $$$
Address: Chopinova 26, Prague 2


In Prague you can find many other excellent places serving delicious burgers. But they are often pretty far from the city center. For example Burger Bar in Prague - Nebušice or Domyno Burger Bar in Prague - Lhotka. You can also try Peter's Burger Pub in Karlín district. Do you know any other great burger places in Prague? Let us know in comments!

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Prague with Kids Complete Guide

When you travel with your kids it is always difficult to find the best activities so they are well entertained during your stay. That's why we made this list which will make your stay in Prague with kids unforgettable! You will also see which restaurants in the center of Prague are child-friendly and have a nice children's play area or get useful information about admission fees for children or the prices in public transport.

Kids in Prague City Apartments

If you stay with Prague City Apartments you can be sure that you and your kids get the best they can. For kids under 3 years of age we prepare a baby cot and they stay with us for free! Kids from 3 to 12 stay just for 10 EUR/night. All our apartments are suitable for families as we can add up to 2 extra beds. For a larger family or multiple families we recommend our three bedroom apartments which can accommodate up to 8 persons using extra beds. And if you are busy or you just need a little break we are happy to provide a reliable babysitter to come to your apartment at any time.

General Information

Most Prague sights and attractions offer ticket discounts for children from 3-15 years and children under 3 usually go for free. If your child looks older, it may be appropriate for proof of age to be carried when purchasing the ticket. In public transport children under 6 go for free, kids from 6-15 years need a discounted child ticket. From the age of 10 it is obligatory to prove the child's age by means of an identity card bearing the child's first name, surname, date of birth and a photograph verified by the passport.

Where to Go with Kids

In Prague you can find many great places your children will love, be it a zoo, paddle boats, museums or parks. Let's take a look at them!


Petřín is a small hill located close to the left bank of the Vltava river, next to the Lesser Quarter and south of Prague Castle. The journey itself will be a great experience for kids as you can go by a famous funicular operating since 1891. The funicular is a part of Prague Public Transit Company so you can use your metro/tram tickets or buy one in a vending machine next to the lower station.
Your kids will surely love the biggest attraction of the Petřín hill - the Petřín lookout tower. Same as the funicular, this 65 meters tall structure was built in 1891 when the members of the Czech Tourist Club were impressed by the Eiffel Tower in Paris and decided to make a five-times smaller copy. You can use an elevator or 299 steps to climb up to get a wonderful views of Prague and a large part of Bohemia. You also shouldn't miss a mirror maze which is situated just next to the lookout tower. On a sunny day you can even use a local park for a great picnic!

Prague Zoo

If you go to Prague with kids (even without kids) this is really a must see. Prague Zoo was named 4th best in the World by TripAdvisor in 2015 and we must agree. The zoo is located in Troja district, north of the city center. To get there you can use your own car, public transport or even a steamboat. No. 112 bus goes from Nádraží Holešovice metro station on line C. But the steamboat will be much more fun for your kids - it operates from the end of March to October and it starts at Rašínovo nábřeží or Čechův most which is just 2 minutes from our Residence Brehova. See more details on the zoo's website. In Prague zoo you can see almost 5000 animals from more than 600 species. Your kids will like a colorful cable way which connects lower and upper part of the zoo. You can visit many interesting pavilions and exhibitions - Bororo Reserve, Elephant Valley, Hippo House, Indonesian Jungle, Gorilla Pavilion, Lemur Island and many more. Children can also pet and feed animals in a petting zoo and ride a pony or a small train. When you are in the zoo you can also visit the beautiful Prague Botanical Garden.

Boat Trips and Paddle Boats

Kids love boats and a nice boat trip is always an unforgettable experience for them. In Prague there are many possibilities to buy a boat ticket as there are many boat trip companies. You can choose from regular cruises, cruises with lunch or dinner, evening or night cruises and many others! Just ask our Prague City Apartments staff and our guest services agents will recommend and book the best boat trip for you and your kids. And don't forget about the boat trip to zoo we mentioned before.
Your children will also love paddle boats - again there are many renting companies - on Slovanský Island, Lávka Club, Smíchov and many others. Paddle boats are suitable for up to 4 persons so they are great even for families.


If you and your kids are tired after a long day of sightseeing there is nothing better than resting in a beautiful park. There are many awesome parks and gardens in Prague and whether you choose the ones in the city center or outside Prague, you can be sure that your walk or picnic will be very relaxing and unforgettable. Read our post about the most beautiful parks, gardens and nature in Prague! Consider visiting Vyšehrad, a historic fort with a church, rotunda and a nice park located not far from the city center.


Children usually find museums very boring and don't enjoy them as much as most adults. Don't worry, in Prague there are several museums which are appreciated even by our youngest ones. For example National Technical Museum where you can view the most interesting exhibits of many technical fields – transportation, astronomy, architecture, photography, metalurgy, mining and others. Older children will surely like all the interesting exhibits they can touch and explore. The museum is located in Holešovice District – you can take a tram no. 17 to Čechův most station or any tram that goes to Letenské náměstí.
Another museum your kids will love is Lego Museum in Narodni street, only 3 minutes' walk from our Residence Karolina. With more than 2500 models divided in 20 theme parts and more than a million bricks used it is the world's biggest Lego museum. You and your children will see pirates, knights, Star Wars ships and characters, Harry Potter's world, Indiana Jones and many others. Older kids may even enjoy Wax Museum Grévin in Celetná street.

Kingdom of Railways


Kingdom of Railways is a unique place and the largest model railway in Central and Eastern Europe. You will see hundreds of meters of railways set in a extensive landscape. The models ride and light up, cars stop at traffic lights, rails react to changing day and night cycles and some trains are set up so your kids can control them! There are various dominants as Karlštejn Castle, Prague Castle, Střekov, Kokořín and others. Kingdom of Railways is located in Smíchov district, close to Anděl metro station (only 2 stops from Národní třída metro station in the city center).



In the center of Prague there are quite a few children's playgrounds. In Františkánská garden which is located between the Wenceslas square and the Narodni street you will find a nice little playground. The garden itself offers a pleasant seating for adults. There are about 10 attractions on the playground, mostly for smaller kids.
Another playground is situated very close to our residences Masna and Rybna. It has about 5 attractions and it is also good especially for smaller kids.
If you stay close to the National Theatre (Residence Karolina, Ostrovni 7 Apartments, Art Residence Krocinova or Konvikt Apartments) you will like a playground which is located on the Slovanský Island (Slovanský ostrov). It is not very big but quite unconventional. In addition to classic attractions, such as swings, climbing nets or slides, your kids will also enjoy various colorful sculptures and not far from here they can ride a children's train.
If you go to the Lesser Town your kids can play on a small but modern playground in the Kampa park. It includes 10 small attractions - swings etc. Directly at the Charles Bridge there is a larger nice playground with about 12 attractions, some of them even for larger children.


In the center of Prague you can visit a place you and your children will love! Black Light Adventure Minigolf situated in a hidden street not far from the Národní street. You will be impressed by the interior design with glowing attractions, golf clubs or balls! You can play as many rounds as you wish.

This one is a little further from the city center but if your stay in Prague is longer it is definitely worth it. Bobsleigh track Prosek - it is a great fun not just for kids but also for adults! You can enjoy 800 meters long ride for 1 or 2 persons. And how to get there? If you don't want to catch a taxi, take a metro line B to Palmovka station and then change to bus 140 or 302 and get off at Kelerka stop.
If your kids like water, you shouldn't miss Aquapalace Praha, the biggest aquapark in the Czech Republic. Your children will enjoy many water attractions, toboggans, slides, whirlpools, or a wild river all day long. It is situated pretty far from the center so if you don't have your own car we recommend to call a taxi.

Historical Tram Line No. 41

Every weekend from March to November you can ride a historical tram No. 41 going through the city center. It operates from noon to around 5 p.m. Visit Prague Public Transit Company's website to see a timetable.


Children love toys, close to the Wenceslas Square, in Na Příkopě street, they can enjoy them in the largest toy store in the Czech Republic - Hamleys. There are also attractions like a Venetian carousel, functional excavator, talking tree, huge slide and others. Kids' paradise in the center of Prague! If you want to buy some traditional great quality and original (mostly wooden) toys for your kids, go to Hugo chodí bos toy store in Řeznická street.
If your kids don't have enough, you can take them to the Žižkov TV Tower, named one of the ugliest structures in the world but offering wonderful views of Prague.
Just 20 miles southwest of Prague you can find the most famous Czech castle, majestic and mysterious Karlštejn. The castle rises above the Berounka river as a silent witness of the diverse history of the Czech lands. It was founded in 1348 by Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV as a place to store royal treasures, holy relics and imperial crown jewels. Especially older children love this fairytale castle.
Very close to the Residence Karolina, in Národní street, you can visit Black Light Theatre Metro, which will be appreciated mostly by older kids.
If your kids like science and the universe, go to Prague Planetarium. They have very interesting permanent exhibition about the universe and if you want you can also visit one of the shows in English.

Child-friendly Restaurants

In the center of Prague you can find a number of family-friendly restaurants with children's play area and kids menu. First of them is Žofín Garden, a nice restaurant with a view of the National Theatre located on a Slovanský Island we mentioned before. Your kids can play outside and in case of bad weather even inside. You shouldn't miss their Sunday brunch with activities for kids!
Hergetova Cihelna doesn't offer just a play area but also wonderful views of the Charles Bridge. Dine in a nice atmosphere and taste delicious Czech or international meals.
Every child likes model trains, in Výtopna Railway Restaurant these trains can serve them their favorite food! Your kids will love this unique place and you can sure it will be one of the highlights of your Prague trip they will remember. The restaurant is located in the Wenceslas Square.
If your children like pizza, visit Pizza Nuova in the Revoluční street, very close to our Residence Rybna. They have very nice play are open daily and on weekends even with babysitting! Their pizzas are hand-rolled and they bake them in a traditional oven using a beech firewood.
If you go to Stromovka park or the Prague Planetarium you can visit child-friendly restaurant Vozovna Stromovka - their outside playground will keep your children entertained for a long time while you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or a delicious cake.
If you want to get a coffee or a lunch close to the Old Town Square or the Residence Brehova, Mistral café is a great choice. They have a little cozy play area for children and a kids menu.

Have you discovered any other great child-friendly places in Prague? Don't hesitate and share them with us! We will gladly add them to this list.