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The Ultimate List of the Best Bars in Prague

Many people go to Prague to see the world-famous monuments and to admire the beauty of this historical city. But maybe even more people go to Prague to party! The best beer in the world, great prices, and of course - stylish bars! We have put together the ultimate list of the best bars in the center of Prague you must definitely visit. Enjoy!

1. AnonymouS Bar

Welcome to one of the most unique bars in Prague. Inspired by a movie V for Vendetta it is a perfect place to spend a wonderful night. They don't have just delicous and creative cocktails but also superb coffee. Enjoy an amazing atmosphere, get one of their signature cocktails and take a picture with a legendary mask. Don't forget to make a reservation!

Address: Michalska 12, Prague 1

2. Hemingway Bar

Located just 3 minutes' walk from our Residence Karolina, this bar is inspired by a great writer and even greater bar lover Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway Bar focuses on his favorite spirits - absinth and rum. They offer the widest range of absinths in the Czech Republic and more than 200 hundred types of rum! You will get first-class cocktails made of the best alcohol and fresh juices. You will definitely love their rich Champagne offer with some truly rare bottles. Magical experience!

Address: Karoliny Svetle 26, Prague 1

3. L'Fleur

Not far from the Old Town Square and our Residence Masna you will find a unique French style bar L'Fleur which combines a top mixology and the best wine. Its unmistakable atmosphere will remind you Belle Époque France at the turn of the twentieth century and you will love it. Order one of their signature cocktails or perfect barrel-aged drinks. The staff is really knowledgeable and the barkeepers will mix the perfect drink for you when you tell them your preferences.

Address: V Kolkovne 5, Prague 1

4. La Bodeguita Del Medio

Inspired by the iconic Havana bar with the same name, this Cuban-style bar is a stylish place which offers the best drinks (including Hemingway's favorite mojito) and live music every day. You can also get delicious meals in their restaurant! The bar has been visited by many celebrities including Pierce Brosnan, David Copperfield, Jaromír Jágr, Edward Norton or Elijah Wood. Lovely Cuban bar where you can drink and dance all night long! The bar is located in Kaprova street, close to the Old Town Square or the Residence Brehova.

Address: Kaprova 5, Prague 1

5. Bugsy's Bar

One of the most popular bars in Prague was opened in 1995 and since then it has been offering the top cocktails, whisky, rums, premium vodkas or more than 100 types of Champagne. It was even ranked in "The Best bars of the World" list by The Newsweek magazine. You will be impressed by the skilled bartenders, classy atmosphere and creative drinks. The bar is located in the most fashionable and exclusive street in Prague - Parizska street.

Address: Parizska 10, Prague 1

6. Cash Only Bar

Before you ask: it is a non-smoking bar, there are no reservations and of course they don't take any credit cards! These are 3 basic rules of the great Cash Only Bar situated in Liliova street near the Bethlehem Chapel. This modern bar, a younger sister of the Hemingway bar, will fascinate you. Creative cocktails ranging from classics to special creations, nice and skilled bartenders and also delicous hot dogs! You can be sure to spend a lovely night here!

Address: Liliova 3, Prague 1

7. Harley's Bar

In Dlouha street you can find this exclusive cocktail & music bar which features a stylish interior with "Harley Davidson design", professional bartenders and especially excellent cocktails. The bar sometimes hosts great theme parties - Japan, Baywatch, Brasil, Safari or even a Space party! Whenever you visit Harley's Bar you can be sure to enjoy really really wild night with great rock music, lots of friendly people and superb shows!

Address: Dlouha 18, Prague 1

8. Bonvivant's CTC

In a quiet part of the Old Town of Prague, just a few steps from the Residence Karolina you will find a hidden gem - Bonvivant's CTC Bar! If you love great cocktails, this is a place for you. You will enjoy very pleasant retro atmosphere, friendly and skilled bartenders and of course their drinks which are brought to perfection. You can also get delicious tapas or a glass of local wine. This place is simply a cocktail lovers' dream!

Address: Bartolomejska 3, Prague 1

9. Tretter's Cocktail Bar

If you want to experience the atmosphere of 1930s New York and Paris, go to the popular Tretter's Bar! Thanks to the long bartending tradition of the Tretter's family you can enjoy this extraordinary bar with its stylish music and impressive interior. You can taste a wide range of excellent drinks, wines and champagnes. The bar is located in V Kolkovne street, just a stone's throw from the Residence Masna!

Address: V Kolkovne 3, Prague 1

10. Hangar Bar

If you ask people about the Hangar Bar, you can be sure they will tell you about the stylish atmosphere, friendly staff and great music. In a top floor called Hangar Pilot's Lounge you can look forward to interior inspired by Pan Am aviation era of the 1940s 50s and 60s. This floor is the best spot to get a delicious cocktail, coffee or great dishes. A bottom floor is called "Hangar Club" and it is inspired by an aviation of the 1940s and 1950s. The Hangar Club offers a wild fun and great shows of their professional bartenders.

Address: Dusni 9, Prague 1

11. James Dean

This original American diner will bring you to the 1920s United States. It is not just a cocktail bar, it is also a very popular music club filled every single day with crowds of locals and tourists having fun and dancing together. You can see many original artifacts - old Coca Cola cash register, 1949 Seeburg jukebox or Elektra Belle Epoque coffee machine. You should also taste their delicous burgers! You will find it not far from the Old Town Square in V Kolkovne street.

Address: V Kolkovne 1, Prague 1

12. DéJáVu

This cosmopolitan place is divided into two floors - the bottom floor is a legendary music club for 150 people with live DJs, dance music and a large bar. The top floor is a stylish bar for 50 people with a nice music and a wide offer of delicious drinks made by professional bartenders! And the best part? Happy hours from 6 P.M. to 9 P.M. - all cocktails with 50% off! The bar is located in Jakubska street, very clouse to ur Rybna and Masna Residences!

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