Thursday, April 12, 2018

The best ice cream in Prague

Days are getting longer and warmer and both locals and tourists wandering the historical center of Prague look for something cold and delicious. In Prague there are loads of stalls with trdelník, fake "traditional" pastry made to rip off tourists wanting to try genuine Czech sweets... Most of them offer this overpriced piece of dough with the worst cheap ice cream. Do not fall into this tourist trap, same as most Prague visitors do. We all know that the best ice cream in the world is made in Italy and called "gelato". That's why we've chosen 3 best ice cream/gelato places in Prague you simply must try!

1. Angelato

One of 3 top ice-cream places in the center of Prague. Angelato is situated in Rytířská street and in Újezd, next to the funicular station going up to Petřín. You can get classic gelatos (chocolate, vanilla and others), sorbets from seasonal fruits or unique and original flavors like pumpkin, rice, olive, lavender and many others. Delicious! If you want to get gelato on a hot day, be prepared for a very long queue outside the shop. But that's just another proof their ice cream is irresistible...

Address: Rytířská 27, Prague 1 and Újezd 24, Prague 1
Google rating: 4,7

2. Crème de la Crème


If you want to get an amazing craft ice-cream go to Crème de la Crème in Husova street, close to the Old Town Square. The owners learned to make the best gelato from Italian masters and now they serve maybe the best gelato in Prague. And try their cakes and pastries as well! The lines of people waiting for their ice cream can get very long, especially in spring and summer but it is definitely worth waiting even more than 20 minutes! And another great news! Not far from here they're building brand new shop!

Address: Husova 12, Prague 1
Google rating: 4,8

3. Puro Gelato


Another perfect place to get a great gelato. They have two shops, one close to Vyšehrad, the other is located in the very center, in Kaprova street. Their high quality craft gelato is made from the best ingredients and you can taste a number of original flavors every day. They don't use any artifical flavours and their recipes are close to perfection. Be prepared for a long queue outside the shop, mostly on the weekends and in the afternoon on hot days. But same as Angelato and Crème de la Crème, don't hesitate to wait, you won't regret...

Address: Kaprova 11, Prague 1 and Na Hrobci 1, Prague 2
Website: www.purogelato
Google rating: 4,7

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