Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Children in Prague

Family trip to any big city could bear some difficulties. The fact, that children cannot stay calm for a long time is not necessary to analyze. Visits of castles, museums and long sightseeing tours with little tourists could be problematic. There is a long scale of activities that will be appreciated by small and also big travellers..and Prague is a city of many options, which does not mean just Zoo visit or toyshop. Leissure activities may be managed by yourself or you can try PCA reception and our staff will willingly help you. 

Eat out
In past times, to visit a restaurant with small children meant a special occasion or celebration. Nowadays, there are many restaurants open to little guests with a special menu and kids corner prepared. You may like the restaurant called Výtopna, where beverage is delivered by a little train. You may also bring the Czech tradition near to the children on the traditional folklore evening with typical Czech cuisine, music and dance.

Boat time
„Naplavka" Vltava embankment is an anchorage of boats and steamers, that make cruises of different lenghts and routes. You will surely find the right cruise for you from the various offer. You may also hire a small boat or a pedal boat. The river is calm in the sunny days and there is no need of an extra effort to enjoy the water. Children are gonna love it. 

Even a Prague centre hides several playgrounds, where your children can enjoy themselves. One of these playgrounds is just few steps from the Wenceslas square in Francis Garden, small peace of green hiden from the rush of one of the most fequented place in Prague. 

Go to the theathre
Puppets are at home in the Czech Republic. Puppet theatre is very popular among audience of all ages and shows are played also in English. Visual and music side of the show will enthuse children and even adults. 

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