Monday, April 28, 2014

Where to experience the „Burning of Witches“ tradition in Prague?

Not only in the Czech Republic, witches burning or Walpurgis night have become a popular event . Throughout Europe, people meet and burn fires, there are fire shows and various actions on the last day of April. As if to attempt to erase at least the part of the bloody past and superstitions. However,   almost noone seeks any inquisition or magic rituals behind the scenes. Currently, Burning of Witches turns to an family event full of games, activities, music, magic and fun. In Prague you can experience this tradition at the below stated events.

Witches at Ladronka
The biggest Witch „convention“ in Europe for children and adults with a long line of games, leisure activities, concerts, ceremony of the Witch burning and final magic fireworks – all of which in Ladronka park.  

Witches in Zlute lazne
Fires burnt, music program, mystical part full of magic and mysteries, children program.

Spring Brevnov market and Burning of Witches
The event traditionally connected to craft and farmers market, Czech sausages grilling, music and refreshments. 

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