Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas in the Czech Republic

December 24 - "Štědrý Den" (in English: Generous Day)

One of the most important thing for Christmas is baking cookies and sweets. We do start in advance, usually when the Advent starts. We bake gingerbreads, vanilla rolls, wasp nests or Linz cookies with marmelade. Then you have to have a new year's resolution to lose some weight. :)

We celebrate Christmas on December 24 and open the present this evening as well. The programm is simple - watching fairy tales on TV all day long.
In the old days, this day used to be a fasting day. People would only eat a bit or nothing at all. These days, this tradition is still being kept or at least well known. Can you imagine not to eat all day and wait for dinner? According the tradition, if you fast all day, you will see "the golden piglet" on the wall. The main food which is served during the Christmas day is "Vánočka" for breakfast - a sweet coloured bread which is delicious with butter or jam or even without anything.

                                                                              Vánočka/ Image:
The peak of the Christmas Day is the festive dinner, usually served around 5PM. It is often a social event, when the families will all eat together. Even the clothes are nice - women in dresses, men in shirts. In the old days, tables were full of products or meals which were grown by the people themselves. There was always a meal called "Kuba" made of mushrooms, garlic and groats; then lentils and fruit. The most typical dinner was fried carp with potato salad. Even today, this dinner is still served in most the families. Christmas carps are raised specially in man-made ponds and then sold from the large tubs a few days before Christmas on the streets. You will not see this any other time of the year. Carps can be kept a couple of days in the bathtub with cold water before they are prepared for dinner.

                                                              Dinner on Christmas Eve/Image:

However, you can find people who don't like carp so they eat salmon instead. As the carp has own unique taste, which not everyone likes and it has a quite lot of bones (not good for children), Czechs have fried schnitzels on the table as well. We do believe that if you put one of the fish-scales into your wallet, it will bring you more money the next year. Traditional soup for the Christmas dinner is a fish soup. Dessert is also served, it can be ice-cream with cream or apple strudel.

During the dinner, it is a tradition which does not allow to stand up and leave the table as one the member sitting there will die. You can leave the table til you are all finished with your meal.

After dinner, families sing the carols or they listen them during the dinner. Czech children believe that presents are brought by "Ježíšek" (Baby Jesus) who comes to the room with Christmas tree through the window which you left open before the dinner. So as Santa Clause, even Ježíšek receives the wish letter from children few days before Christmas. Now, it is time to open your presents which are under the Christmas tree. You are eating sweets you baked and spend some time together. This tradition has couple of positives - you will look good on photos and you can sleep as long as you want on the next day. After, you opened all presents, it is about 7PM and the main fairy tales start on TV.

After having dinner and opening presents, it is time for other traditions. Girls can throw a shoe behind their back and if the front of the shoe is pointing out to the door, the girl will be married the next year.
You can also cut apples in half. If you find a star shape in the core, you will be healthy and happy. If not, you won't.
Favourite tradition is making ships from the walnut shells and small candles and putting them into water in the wash-basin. If the ships are swimming nicely all together, you will be all happy in the family. If one ships drowns, it means break-up or crisis.
Other popular tradition is pouring the heated lead into cold water. Then you take your lead from the water and try to find what this shape means for you.


Some people end Christmas Eve by attending the Christmas mass (Vánoční mše), which usually starts at midnight in churches.

December 25 & 26

During these days, meals are not that strict as on the Christmas Eve. Meals vary from families or regions. On St. Stephen's Day the tradition is to eat roasted turkey or goose with dumplings.
Families usually stay at home and relax or visit relatives such as grandparents to share with them this special time.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

How to spend December in Prague


Christmas Night Run - 19.12. Jan Palach Square
Running race for 5 km through the city centre of Prague. Registration is still possible:
Headlamp is necessity to avoid any injuries (you will be running at dark). Christmas hats or costumes are possible and welcome to wear.



designSupermarket - 10. - 13.12.  Kafka House
4 days full of young and professional design. You can visit exhibition, presentations, workshop, party or just buy something you like.


Handcrafts - open daily 9AM - 6PM
You have chance to see numerous craft workshops, for example wooworking, basket, ceramic, textiles, glass, metal, tailor, cobbler or bookbinding one.

Christmas markets all over Prague - til 3.1.2016
The biggest markets are easily found at the Old Town Square or the Wenceslas Square. You can also admire the biggest Christmas tree in Czech republic at the Old Town Square with hot wine in one hand and trdelnik in the other.

Christmas at the Old Town Square 24. - 27.12.
Enjoy the festive season this year at the Old Town Square. You can taste traditional Czech fish soup on December 24 from 1-3PM or the church mass from 9-10PM the same day. Other Christmas days you can listen other concert or watch fairy tales.



Night Zoo 4.12. - 19.12.
Do you love animals? Are you trying to entertain you kids while staying in Prague? Take them to the Night Zoo and see how the animals live after sunset. Tours are starting at 5PM or 5:30PM at the main entrance of the Zoo. The first of both tours is recommended for children.


New Years Eve. How to spend this night in Prague? Here is the list of some of the many events happening in Prague.
The list presents all tasty restaurants in Prague with prices for this night.

As you can spend the Christmas at the Old Town Square, the New Years Eve programm is also ready for this place. Just be ready it will get crowded during the night. The programm starts at 1PM with a revue for families, magicians show and other attractions for children. Children programm ends at 6PM when the adults show is starting til midnight.
So how are you going to spend your December holidays in Prague?


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Top 10 Things in Prague in October

Colorful autumn is here so as our October list of events in Prague. You can still enjoy sightseeing, now without thousands of tourists but with your coat on. Today, we bring you our top 10 events which are worth to visit.

Prague’s sights will be again lightened as in the previous years. This popular event is coming back with its video mappings and interactive and light installations.
Our tip: visit the festival during Thursday or Friday, weekend is usually very crowded. 

Video from the last year:

Designblok/ Prague Design and Fashion Week 22. - 27.10. 
Designblok is the international largest design event in Czech Republic focused on the latest trends!

                                                                    Designblok / Image:

Prague Halloween Walk 30.10.
On Friday the people of Prague will unite in Halloween fashion and walk through the city centre in what is expect to be the largest to costume walk ever in the Czech Republic!


Apple & Cider Festival 9. - 10.10.
The apple festival is being held at Jiřího z Poděbrad Square. Come and taste different finest ciders, apple pies or apple compotes while listening the live music. Also, theatre for children will be there. 

Taste of Vietnam 10.10.
Taste the traditional meals of Vietnam this Saturday! Restaurant will cook for you all day. Entrance fee: 50 CZK and we recommend to buy the tickets in advance online.


Prague Cake Festival 17.10.
First year of this unique sweet festival. Come and try cupcakes, muffins, cakes, pies and other sweet delicatessen. Entrance fee: 150 CZK and tickets are still available. 


Goose & Cider festival 17.10.
October is all about food! Náplavka will be on 17th full of goose pate, goose burgers, baked goose and cider as well. Admission free.


Richard Clayderman - Live with strings 20.10.
We are happy to welcome this famous French pianist in Prague. Do not hesitate and buy your ticket now! 
Prague Coffee Festival 10. - 11.10.
Event dedicated to all coffee maniacs and fans is finally happening again. 


Prague Indian Film Festival 7. - 11.10. 
Indian movies, documentaries and the Indian party, all in the city centre of Prague!


Thursday, September 3, 2015

How to spend September in Prague

Even though the main summer holidays are already over, Prague can still offer many events to enjoy the capital city differently than sightseeing only. We bring you our list of September events which are worth to visit. All events below are provided with links to the official information website.


Prague Fashion Night 23.9. 5PM- 10PM
Shops at Pařížská street and others around will be open till 10PM with their special programm. All shopping maniacs can enjoy discount, light snacks or Czech celebrities around.

           Prague Fashion Night / Image:

BBQ party 12. - 13.9.
First year of the new festival of the American BBQ. Two days full of food, music and many more right in the city centre along the river. Entrance 50 CZK, children for free.

                                                                         BBQ party / Image:
Day of the Czech beer 27.9.
Day before the Saint Wenceslas, the National holiday, pubs and restaurants will offer special Saint Wencaslas beers, beer special. Click on the link and find out the nearest pubs.

               Day of the Czech beer / Image:
Saint Wenceslas wine harvest 27. - 28.9.
Enjoy the wine in the oldest Czech wineyard at the Prague Castle. Have a seat and take a pleasure in the amazing view.

                                         Saint Wenceslas wine harvest / Image:
Vinice na Kampě 10. - 13.9.
Discover the talent of the Czech and foreign vine-growers in beautiful Kampa area.

                                                        Vineyard on Kampa / Image:

Dvořákova Praha 6. - 23.9.
International music festival is definitely recommended for all fans of the classical music. Programme is full of beautiful concerts this year.

                                                Dvořákova Praha / Image:


Blood Moon  - Total Lunar Eclipse 28.9.
Special blood moon will be possible to watch not only in Prague but in the whole Europe.

                                                                  Blood Moon / Image:

140th anniversary of the Prague public transport 
Prague public transport celebrates anniversary and special programme is prepared for all. You can visit the tram parade or have a ride with the historical metro coach (line C).

                          140 years of the public transport in Prague / Image:

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Things to do in August

If you get a chance to spend August in Prague, see below the list of recommended events which we will be definitely visiting.

FOOD & DRINK events:

Restaurant Day Prague 16.8.
A food carnival when anyone can open a restaurant, cafe or a bar for a day. It can happen anywhere: at your home, at the office, on a street corner in your garden or at a park.

Restaurant Day Prague / Image:

Čajomír Fest = OpenAir Tea Festival 23.8.
Seventh year of this festival brings tea presentations from the tea enthusiats along with other delicatessen, music or ceramic exhibition.

Čajomír fest / Image:

F.O.O.D. Picnic 29.8.
Another annual picnic from the Czech food magazine where you can sit, relax and enjoy all the food around. Admission free.

F.O.O.D. picnic / Image: www.

Naplavka Street Food Festival 29.8. 10AM - 9PM
Food trucks and cuisine from the whole world - indian, american, morrocan, spanish, dutch and many more. All you can taste at Naplavka and sit along the river. Admission is 30 CZK.

Prague Ice Cream Festival 30.8.
In this heat, we are certainly looking forward to this event. Come and have fun with family and friends to the celebration of all kinds of ice cream. Refresh yourself with favourite local and world manufacturers. Admission is 110 CZK.

Ice Cream Festival / Image:

MUSIC event:

Overtone festival 15.8.
The new music festival will be at beautiful Riegerovy sady. Overtone festival will be happening four times a year, always in different place in Prague or Brno. In this August edition you can look forward to German duo Milky Chance or the Dannich The Asteroid Galaxy Tour. Tickets are still available.

Overtone Festival / Image:
OUTDOOR events:

Prague Pride Week 10. - 16.8. 
Prague Pride is not just the Saturday parade but a whole week of cultural, social, sport and spiritual activities. Programme for this year comprises of over 120 events, including concerts of Aneta Langerova or Austian Eurovision contest winner Conchita Wurst.

Prague Pride / Image:

Letní Letná 16.8. - 3.9.
A Prague tradition now in its 12th year, this contemporary circus festival is so much more with a staggering line-up of performances and activities on offer.

Letní Letná circus / Image:

Saturday, July 11, 2015

What to do in July

Summer is here, in its full beauty so as hot days and pleasant nights. If you are visiting Prague this month, we prepared a list of events which you should not miss out. In most of them (if not all of them), we will be there as well. So what is happening in July in Prague?

FOOD & DRINK events:

Fair Fair = Finger Food Festival 11.7.

First year of this new food festival and we are very curious about it. Festival without forks, knifes, just snacks, tapas, sandwiches and many other finger food.
Dogs, children and food lovers are more than welcome.
Admission free.

                                              Finger Food festival/ Image:

French Market on Kampa 14. - 19.7. 

One of popular food events in Prague. Get a glass of wine or champagne, grab a few macaroons and enjoy Franch music playing around. Market is taking place in beautiful Kampa which is just a jump from the Old Town and you can actually see this market from the Charles Bridge.
If you do not want to lose your time, you can buy some French delicatesse and continue with your sightseeing.
Admission free.

                                                       French Market/ Image:

ART & THEATRE events:

Pure Vintage 12.7.

Exhibition and sale of Summer season Vintage Collections from the 1920s to 1980s. Hand-picked by some of Pragues leading collectors of vintage clothing and accessoried. Admission is free.

The Da Vinci Inventions

Inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci are being brought back to life in Prague. Experience Da Vinci as one of the greatest genius in history and be inspired by his unique work as an artist, scientist and inventor.

                                                    Da Vinci sketches/ Image:

Behind the Door Street Theatre Festival 13. - 18.7.

Street theatre is going to light up the streets of Prague! 7th year of Prague street theatre festival is called Behind the Door and will offer several novelties. You can look forward to seeing the stars of street theatre from all over the world. This year the festival will be held not only at usual places in Wenceslas and Jungmann Squares in the city centre but also on the premises of the Prague Exhibition Grounds.

                               Behind the Door Festival/ Image:


Knights Days 11. - 12.7. Gardens of the Prague Castle

Someone interested in the life of mediaeval knights? Event suitable for children and their parents and for everyone dreaming about the life in mediaeval period. Brave knights will show you their skills in the knight tournament (three times a day). Visitors can also visit camp of knights or listen the traditional music. Also, a place for the smallest ones. Children can enjoy different tasks in the camp of knights.

                                 Knight Days/ Image:

MUSIC & FILM events:

Bohemia Jazz Fest 9. - 19.7. Old Town Square

Out-door concerts presenting world-class jazz acts in the stunning historical area of Prague.

                                                              Bohemia Jazz Fest/ Image:
Lindsey Stirling 11.7.

Violin beauty and world sensation returns to Prague with her mix of dubstep, dance and classical music. Tickets are still available.

                                                  Lindsey Stirling/ Image:

Prague Film Summer 1.7. - 31.8.

You can enjoy summer open-air cinemas or this festival taking place in cinemas around the city centre. Admission is 40 CZK/ person.

Prague Folklore Days 23. - 25.7.

A colourful summer festival of folk dance troupes and folk choirs.

                                                        Prague Folklore Days/ Image:

Saturday, June 6, 2015

What to do in June

June is getting warm, sun is shining and summer is starting. That is why the events are held mainly in outside. You can take a moment from all the sightseeing and enjoy one of the following events:

FOOD & DRINK events:
Del Gusto Italiano Festival 4.6. - 7.6.
First year of this Italian event. 3 days full of italian specialities and music. Italy in Prague :)

                                               Del Gusto Italiano / Image:
Prague drinks wine (Praha pije víno) 6.6. - 7.6.
Any fans of wine here?
Pivo na Hrad 12. - 13.6. 14:00 - 20:00
Or beer fans? For those ones we have mini-brewery festival in the Prague Castle. Mini-brewery sometimes present different and tastes of our national drink, so this event we can highly recommend.
Apetit picnic 20.6. 10:00 - 22:00
Spend a day eating and tasting new flavours. As every year, you have a chance to buy food and drinks from the amateur or professional cooks. Admission free. We will be there!

Apetit picnic /Image:

Mattoni cocktail  Festival 2015 21.6. 20:00 - 23:00
Do you want to try new drinks while watching bartenders competition or live music?
Visit then the Old Town Square on June 21st.

MUSIC & FILM events:
Aperol Spritz open air cinema 
During summer, you can visit and watch films in the area of Zlute lazne.
Evenings might be cold and full of mosquitos, so take a jacket and repellent with you.
The cinema starts of June 9th with film The Great Beauty.

                                                          Aperol Spritz cinema / Image: Media Guru

Respect Festival 2015 13.6. - 14.6.
Eighteenth edition of the longest running Czech world-music festival internationally known for its adventurous and innovative programming.  As traditionally festival will bring performances of artists from different parts of world, who are well known internationaly and will perform in Czech Republic for first time. Festival area will also serve as open-air gallery. Program for children is part of the festival as in the past.
Open air concert 2015 17.6. 20:20 - 22:00
Want to listen Smetana, Gerschwitz or Rachmaninov by the Czech Philharmonic? Do not miss out the closure of their season and visit open-air right in the city centre. We think it is a beautiful ending of the day after all the sightseeing. Admission free.

                                                      Open air concert / Image: Česká filharmonie

United Islands 2015 18.6. - 20.6.
International multi-genre festival in Prague is one the most popular events in the city.

SPORT events:
Prague riverside cross  16.6. 15:00 - 21:00
Exhibition race where you can see elite athletes from slalom canoeing battling against each other with unique connection with popular biathlon shooting range. Admission free. 

Riverside Cross / Image:
Canoe slalom World Cup 19.6. - 21.6.
Canoe slalom is one of the olympic discipline and Prague is hosting the World Cup this year. Admission 70 CZK (3€).

OTHER recommended events:
Holi open air Prague 20.6. 12:00 - 22:00
Music, fun and colours. That is the festival inspired by the Indian Holi.

Museum night 13.6. - 14.6. 19:00 - 01:00
Main mission is to offer visitors a chance to visit cultural sites at night (7.00 p. m to 1.00 a. m.) and provide free admission and transport.  

                                                          Museum night / Image:
Open gardens weekend 13.6. - 14.6. 14:00 - 19:00
Gardens, parks and orchards which are normally closed, will be open for public during this weekend all over the country to enjoy the greens and summer. 

                                                    Open gardens weekend / Image:

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Recommended events for April

April 11: Shopping Saturday - markets, bazaars all over Prague
This Saturday when the weather is finally nice, you can spend the day shopping. And we do not mean to go to the shopping centre and spend there a day in the shops without windows. We mean to visit Flea Market, Vintage bazar or Fashion market of Czech bloggers while discovering the city.
Perfect overview of all shopping sprees is done by - here

April 12: Praha v pohybu/Prague in motion
One-day festival with the wide choice of sports is a perfect tip for sunny Sunday.
The main goal of Prague in Motion festival is to show tourists and natives which sports are popular now and that Prague is not only about sightseeing.

The visitors can try adrenaline sports (f.e. slackline), lessons of zumba or water sports or meet the sports teams. You can also win a beautiful price in one of the competitions. The festival takes place at the Old Town Square. For more info, visit this website or see the picture below.


April 13: St. Matthew's Fair
Fair which celebrates 420th anniversary and which is the first one opened in Europe this year is an ideal event for family with small children. The small ones will enjoy the hounting house, the ferry wheel or just a candy floss from one of the many food stalls. Gentlemen, you can also try shooting from the air rifle and surprise your partner with the paper rose or a big teddy bear.
The Fair is opened until April 19, so you have only a week left to visit this famous Czech event.
For directions, just ask us at the Front Desk.

April 14: Andy Warhol - I'm OK
American artist whose exhibition is right now in Prague is definitely worth to visit. The exhibition is held at the Gallery of Prague, close to the Old Town Square and visitors can see a unique collection of LP covers or try to create own work just like Warhol in a screen printing workshop.
For info and admissions, please click here.

Andy Warhol Exhibition, source:

April 15: The Castle Guard Parade Show
One of the most popular events (not only in Prague) is connected with changing of guards. On Wednesday at 2PM you have chance to see the whole Parade Show of the Prague Castle Guard. This Parade Show is being held every month. We can only recommend to arrive earlier to have a good spot for watching. More info can be found here.

The Castle Guard Parade Show, source:

April 16: Prague Fashion Night
Let's go shopping! PFN (shortly) is a successful event in connection with Prague Fashion Week. Shops at Pařížská Street, Rytířská, Na Příkopě or Wenceslas Square and their surroundings are specially opened for this event until 10PM. The main goal of PFN is a presentation of all fashion boutiques, shops and fashion designers. The city centre will be for one evening full of fashion. Each shop or boutique has prepared a special programme, little catering, exhibits of making own clothes or special offers for visitors.