Monday, April 27, 2009

Prague spots for free

Recently I have read very interesting article in the Czech newspaper. It suggested to visit several places in Prague which are for free. Furthermore, these places aren’t known as Charles Bridge or Old Town Square; therefore, you can enjoy in quiet and friendly atmosphere.

The most narrow Prague´s street

It is just half meter wide and the people are directed by traffic lights. It doesn’t have any name and it is situated near Charles Bridge. The map is available here.

Infant Jesus and his clothes

Do you have any wish? If yes, you have to visit Our Lade Victory Church. It is said that the statue of Infant Jesus in this church will fulfil your wish. In addition, you can visit his wardrobe. These clothes are used for Infant Jesus by nuns. For more information please visit the site of Church – here.

Second level of St. Vitus's Cathedral

This Cathedral is very famous, everybody knows how does it look like from the bottom view; however, there is change to get to the second level and get completely another view at cathedral. You have to ask the management of chathedral to see the second level for free. Additional information about cathedral are available here.

Petrin´s undergound

The Petrin is hill is full of mines. The entrace is in Lobkovic graden at the Petrin. See more information here (Czech only but with the map)

Safe of Czech national bank

Nowdays there is an exhibition of Money and People. You can find also the examples of fakes. Few information available here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Facebook, Twitter and Prague City Apartments

Maybe you have already seen our profiles on Facebook or Twitter but for those who have not I would like to introduce our profiles in mentioned servers. PCA has decided to come closer to our clients and we have become a part of these communities.


Recently we have launched a new facebook campaign for 10% discounts. The rules are pretty simple, just become a fan of PCA on Facebook and you will get 10% discount in any of our apartments. This campaign is becoming really popular. In addition, our clients are sharing their experiences on our profile with the other travellers on Facebook. You can see the photos and movies of Prague and Prague City Apartments. We would like to start serious discussion about Prague, Prague hotels and other Prague accommodation. Facebook offers unlimited options to make the profile very interesting.

For our FB profile, please follow this link


We are completely new on Twitter; however, we have already got some subscripers. Twitter is much easier to understand and to get more familiar with such social environment than Facebook. Our aim on Twitter is to come up with fresh, clear and interesting messages concerning news from Prague respectively from Prague City Apartments. We would like to share our hot news, offers and events. The potential of Twitter and Facebook is huge and we would like to use it.

For our Twitter profile, please follow this link

We would really appreciate if you can support us by becoming our fan of PCA on Facebook or you can follow us on Twitter. Thank you.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Apartment vs Hotel: 5 pros for apartment

There has been always discussion about differences between apartment and hotel room and it is completely valid for Prague as well. It is no secret that Prague City Apartments is standing on the side of Apartment. I would like to show you five most important advantages of apartments today.

1. More Space

First imporatant advantage of apartment is space. In comparison with hotel room you will get more freedom and comfort. Next point regarding the space are separated bedrooms. That made it possible to have business meetings in the lounge area while someone slept in one of the bedrooms. In other words, you will get more freedom to entertain guests the way you want to.

2. Own Kitchen

Hotel room usually will have a fridge that is mostly filled with over-priced drinks and has no facilities for cooking and often no facilities for cleaning clothes. An apartment will ideally have a fridge which is entirely empty for you to use for storing food and ingredients for your own cooking; in addition, you will get fully equipped kitchen (including microwave, toaster, kettle, owen and so on). Cooking some of your meals in the kitchen instead of going out to eat for every meal is another excellent way to save money.

3. More Privacy

Apartments are sometimes located off the beaten path as well, and are more private than hotels. Hotels are typically louder and offer less privacy. Apartment have a greater ambiance to feel with amenities like DVDs, satelite TV, wi-fi internet, work space, safe box and much more.

4. Save Money

It was mentioned that you can save money by cooking for yourslef; furthermore, if you are going to stay for longer period of time then there is no more reasonable stay than in apartment with regards to money and your comfort. You can save big amount of your budget by staying in apartment.

5. Pet Free

Last but not least of advantage of apartments is in having your pet on your holiday. Prague City Apartments is offering the pet on request but usually there is no problem unless you are going to bring herd of dinosaurs. Most of the hotel prohibits to have your pet in room but pets are allowed in Prague City Apartments accommodation.

Finally, wherever are you going everything depends on travel situation and own preferences Both oportunities have advantages and disadvantages; the number of people on your trip, the vacation atmosphere you desire, and amenities are all factors that can influence your decision.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Prague City Apartments on Tripadvisor is a free travel guide and research website that hosts reviews from users and other information designed to help plan a vacation. TripAdvisor is an example of consumer generated media. The website services are free to users, who provide most of the content, and the website makes its money from advertising, mostly from travel-related industries.

Recently, TripAdvisor enhanced the functions for accommodation owners. The owners can paste TripAdvisor’s recommendation banner of his/her property to website. According to Hotelmarketing. com travellers trust other travellers, so owners can benefit by displaying what they’re saying on their own websites. In a 2007 survey of 360 e-commerce companies, sites that added user reviews reported very positive results:

-- 56% lifted conversion
-- 77% raised traffic
-- 42% increased the average shopping basket

Therefore, Prague City Apartments is going to present its residences with regards to TripAdvisor´s recognition:

Residence Karolina

Residence Rybna

Residence Masna

Residence Karlova

Residence Cerna