Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Facebook, Twitter and Prague City Apartments

Maybe you have already seen our profiles on Facebook or Twitter but for those who have not I would like to introduce our profiles in mentioned servers. PCA has decided to come closer to our clients and we have become a part of these communities.


Recently we have launched a new facebook campaign for 10% discounts. The rules are pretty simple, just become a fan of PCA on Facebook and you will get 10% discount in any of our apartments. This campaign is becoming really popular. In addition, our clients are sharing their experiences on our profile with the other travellers on Facebook. You can see the photos and movies of Prague and Prague City Apartments. We would like to start serious discussion about Prague, Prague hotels and other Prague accommodation. Facebook offers unlimited options to make the profile very interesting.

For our FB profile, please follow this link


We are completely new on Twitter; however, we have already got some subscripers. Twitter is much easier to understand and to get more familiar with such social environment than Facebook. Our aim on Twitter is to come up with fresh, clear and interesting messages concerning news from Prague respectively from Prague City Apartments. We would like to share our hot news, offers and events. The potential of Twitter and Facebook is huge and we would like to use it.

For our Twitter profile, please follow this link

We would really appreciate if you can support us by becoming our fan of PCA on Facebook or you can follow us on Twitter. Thank you.

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