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Events you should not miss while visiting Prague in May

May is the month when you start to feel summer in the air, everything is in bloom and even a grump is touched by romance. For metropolises is May the time of tourists upsurge and events of all kinds are getting out of the sleepy buildings. Prague is not an exception. As in any city, even here, we find enormous amount of events of all kinds so that anyone can choose. As from the author´s side, it seems a bit selfish to decide which events are those “top” ones. Therefore, I decided to introduce some events that I find varied and interesting and hope you find your “top” one among them. 


interest in food lasts for centuries, culinary events are of a big boom these days and they are getting back to the centre stage. No surprise, there is a full scale of them each month, with no exception of May. 
Farmers market: regular issue or welcomed cheer from regular shopping, Saturday is the key day for farmers markets in the city centre. Every Saturday farmers markets take place in the park at Jiriho z Podebrad square and pleasant surroundings of the embankment of Vltava, so called Naplavka. 
Street Food Festival: there is a Cross club in Prague – Holesovice and people around the club decided to organize a food festival in a bit different way. Interesting food offer is accompanied by lectures, kids corner and afterparty in a café and the club. 
Beer festival: what for a visit of the Czech republic would it be without a proper beer. 71 days, Letenske Sady, around a 100 of different Czech beer brands, rock´n´roll, delicacies, 4000 places to sit – that is a Czech beer festival in a shortcut. 


Sights are significant part of any tourist appealing place, in Prague, however, they sure are not the only part. 

Botanic garden Prague – Butterflies exhibition: the botanic garden itself represents an eye candy, piece of exotic in the middle of the city. About 5000 greenhouses, aquarium, historical wine-yard and many more attractive nooks catch even the one who finds the word greenhouse similar to boring.  Moreover, until the half of May there is a possibility to visit Butterfly exhibition. Up to 4000 pairs of butterfly wings enthrall for sure. 


International Prague Marathon: the most prestigious marathon in the Middle Europe and one of the most beautiful marathons in the world. You can enjoy this event as a competitor, or an onlooker. To join the history to a bit of sport is allowed by use of the Old Town Square as the finish area and the area for supporting program. 


Zombie Walk: living deads is gaining popularity all over the world.  On 24th May the parade of Prague zombies will march over the Prague, until they find Rock Café. That is the destination of the final party opened to mortals as well. 

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