Thursday, May 1, 2014

1st May versus St. Valentines Day

There is no better date to think of the „love time“ than in May and not only because it is the first of May, but the atmosphere of this month as well. In Czech republic, there is an „argument“ about the right love time between two days – St. Valentines Day and the 1st May. Which one is the right one for you? 

1st May has a huge support in the Czech Republic. Do not be surprised to see many kissing couples when walking to the top of the Petrin Hill. There is a tradition to kiss a woman under the cherry tree. That is just one of the tradition linked to May and the 1st May specifically. We celebrate spring, build so called „Majka“ (tall tree without branches, just with top ones left and decorated with colourful fabric stripes). This custom is kept mainly in the countryside, where they still protect their Majka as a treasure and their building and cutting is considered a „big thing“. Students celebrate too. In every student town there is a huge celebration called Majales grouping thousands of people. It is the time circled with myths and love for centuries. 

St. Valentines Day is traditional rather in Anglo-Saxon countries and his popularity is growing. Lovers express their feelings with gifts and love letters with a symbol of heart. The history leads to the ancient Rome and the opinions concerning its origin differ. Currently, the Day is viewed as  a lot commercial and not original in the Czech Republic. Hearts are staring from each shop, but it depends on everyone how to deal with a current trend and how to enjoy the day of love. 

So, have you decided? There is never enough of love so let´s celebrate not only when a day is given but anytime – when you feel to do so .. :-)

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