Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Party by Prague City Apartments

The boss of PCA, Martin Tomasek, prepared a great party for the employees to get to know each other better. Recently PCA has increased its number of employees and this party was a great oportunity to introduce them to the rest of the PCA family. Party was held in Wine club Monarch.

When I walked through the streets of Prague towards Monarch that evening, I was full of expectations. And then when I reached my destination all of my expectations were fulfilled, even outdone. I was shocked when I saw my boss wearing an apron with four stars of Michelin and cooking for all of us. The funny point is that the best restaurants awarded by Michelin stars can only reach three stars at maximum but Mr. Tomasek had to have four stars of Michelin.

I think he looks better with an apron then in a suit, doesn't he?

After a while I recognized his helper, our IT master (Martin) who was wearing just three stars of Michelin; nevertheless, without him we would eat at 2 am. The main cook was a little bit slower. To complete the picture of our management, Ivana took place next to them, as she was the main advisor and the guide through the party.

Our management: now guess who is the boss of the kitchen?

Great wine was chosen for our drinks and thanks to this liquid the evening went much faster than I expected.We did big cheers to our boss and since then we were cheering as much as we can. Because the wine was great and, moreover, it was free.

Prague City Apartments family

Very suprising point was meal. Most of us were expecting cold kitchen but MT and his group came with "foreign" cuisines. The entire menu consisted of nine meals! The time schedule was one meal per hour. The meal was delicious.

One of our nine cources

Later we discovered why the meals were so delayed. We found that MT was chatting with the receptionists and he didn't have time to cook. Evidently, he didn't that much of an interest to feed the male part of the company.

Somebody is hungry?

The party was brilliant at least from my point of view. I am including a few more pictures at the end. I hope the next party will exceed my expectation as well.

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