Friday, March 6, 2009

Culture during EU presidency, vol.1

Czech EU presidency is backgrounded by many interesting culture events. Therefore, I would like to present one of them. In these days Musical Theatre Festival in Prague is running.

The OPERA Musical Theatre Festival is a festival of representative performances of Czech and Moravian professional opera ensembles complemented by independent opera projects. Once in two years, Prague becomes the place where one can see the best of the Czech opera theatres – the performances take place in particular on prestigious Prague opera stages (historical building of the National Theatre, the Estates Theatre, the Prague State Opera). The festival confronts on a regular basis both the direction of and level of individual ensembles and extends the range of opera offer in Prague - offering plays that have not been performed in Prague for decades (or even not performed at all) and also a different view of the plays that are currently staged in Prague theatres. It also presents remarkable personalities (directors, conductors, performers) from regional theatres.
  • Date: 21.2.200917.3.2009
  • Venue: Prague/Czech Republic
  • Category: Music
  • Website:

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