Sunday, January 18, 2009

Views from our Residences

When you think of Prague, you probably think of wonderful scenery. And there’s a lot of that to be found and enjoyed here. Use Google images search to get better idea of Prague pictures. Travelers who have visited Prague can just agree that Prague is a great place for taking pictures/photos. Therefore, I have picked up a few pictures which have been taken from the windows or balconies of our residences.

First picture is from Residence Karlova - view from apartment No.42. In the background you can see the biggest castle complex in the world, called Hradcany. Moreover, you can notice why Prague is sometimes called "one hundred towers" Prague.

Next three pictures have been taken from our National Theatre Apartments. The second picture - night scenery from apartment No. 52 - shows how wonderful Prague looks like at night when the monuments are beautifully lighted.

The third picture has been taken from apartment No. 52. Again, you can see Hradcany in the background. In the front there is a statue of angel with a team which is situated on the roof of National theatre.

Last picture from National theatre apartments has been taken from the same balcony of our Prague apartment - summer terrace no. 52. Actually it is zoomed out of last the picture above. The major building is part of National theatre, however, it is a new part, called Laterna Magica.

Last picture belongs to Residence Karolina. The picture has been taken inside of our Prague apartment. In the window you can see, again, Hradcany, which is one of the famous tourist destinations in Prague.

Please note that the author of pictures is the owner of Prague City Apartments. His hobby is photograpy. Additionally more picture you can find on our Flickr profile.

Hope you have enjoyed our views.


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