Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prague on YouTube

Today, I have visited pages of YouTube. I have found, how great YouTube is. If you have a little bit o free time and access to the internet; visit and be sure that your free time disappear in a minute. During my spent time on YouTube I have succeeded in finding some nice videos about Prague.

If you have never been in Prague, I think, it is one of the best ways to introduce you Prague as a city. Only what you need is a few minutes to play these videos. And if you have been in Prague, so this is a great opportunity to get your memories back. Except one video, all of them are from independent authors, therefore be sure that you will get independent insights. I was trying to find the best videos of Prague on YouTube. Moreover on our Facebook profile you can find a poll, where you can vote for the best Prague videos. In addition you don’t have to have Facebook profile to access our pages.

First video is from author called railaybay. This great video could served as tourist guide video for Prague. The author is travelling around the world. On his journeys around the world he finds himself in one of Europe most historical city. His real name is Michael Murphy and he will be introducing this Destination Unknown Prague, Czech republic.

The second video is similar to fist one. However it is called Prague In Your Pocket. The author, Jacy Meyer takes us on a tour of the main tourist sites in Prague including Venceslas Square, the Powder Tower, the Royal Route, Old Town Square, the Astronomical Clock, Prague Castle, Petrin Hill and Petrin Tower.

Next video is without any guide. It is a batch of great pictures from Prague. It is backgrounded by Czech famous lady singer (H. Vondráčková).

In this video you will find, how Prague look like in the evening. I don’t know, how much you like evening walking, but I love it. Everything is changing with coming of night. The monuments are getting new faces and Prague pubs are inviting you for glass of beer or wine.

This is my favourite video, it is quite new on Youtube but it is really well made. These guys knew, what they were doing, they had lucky hand in selecting the best pictures and choosing the right music for this video. Enjoy.

A last contribution is our video. It is one year old; however we were trying to do our best. The first part is introducing Prague and the second part is more focused on introducing Prague City Apartments. For having the best experience from Prague, you need best quality accommodation.

Furthermore as I mentioned you can find more video on our Facebook profile. Anyway I hope you have enjoyed our Prague video tour and we would like you to welcome in Prague soon

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