Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Culture tips for September in Prague, part. 2

The second part of tips, what to visit in September. Prague offers  a lot of options let´s zoom into some of them a bit.

Arcolor – two days full of fashion
Photos from the year 2013
How a young fashion sees it? This question is answered on 12th and 13th September in experimental space NoD. The event is represented by the winners of designers´ competition and also some established brands. The 3 kilometres long runway leads through the streets of Prague, subway and river embankment, so there will be always something to watch even if you just pass along. Check the program here.

World Press Photo 2014 Exhibition

Prague Karolinum opens the door to photography lovers. The exhibition of prestigious photograph competition World Press Photo is an integral part of culture autumn in Prague.

World Press Photo 2013 winner

Invisible exhibition

unique interactive route through total darkness. Engage your senses and reveal the art in a different way. Your guides will be people with visual impairment to whom this type of interaction represents common part of life. Organisers themselves ask on their pages “May the hour of blindness open your eyes?”
Wine harvest at the Prague Castle

Wine, singing and greenery – all of this offers the Wine Harvest at the Prague Castle. Apart from the  selected kinds of wine, young wine and fresh grape juice, the attraction is also Hradišťan folk music band and last but not least the Royal gardens.

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