Monday, February 1, 2010

Power of Flipkey

What is Flipkey? Here is official definition: FlipKey™ is a leading vacation rental service featuring the world’s largest collection of verified vacation rental guest reviews.

And does it have anything common with Prague City Apartments? A lot. And does it have anything common with Tripadvisor? A lot. Let me start with Tripadvisor. Maybe you know that Tripadvisor offered three type of accommodation hotels, B&B and Specialty Lodging. Therefore, owner and managers of the apartments should listed their property under Specialty Lodging.

Tripadvisor has released new type of accommodation - Vacation Rentals and the apartment guys have the place where to put their property. And this category of accommodation is directly linked to Flipkey, where you need to register your properties. And Prague City Apartments has already registered in.

Find Prague vacation rentals on FlipKey

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