Wednesday, June 11, 2014

City Centre Reconstruction

I cannot come up with a single thing that is not perishable or has no due date...and that is applicable even for things we take for granted or automatic. Ravages of time gets to everything and in Prague, the time captured a part of the tram railroad in the city centre.

Warning for travellers. 

Planned reconstruction is almost finished. However, be informed where to - the stable tram transportation through the city centre - Wenceslas´ Square is off till the end of June. This exclusion includes stops Jindrisska, Vaclavske Namesti, Vodickova and Lazarska
Surprisingly, the fastes alternative how to cross the closed part is - on foot. To walk through this part is quite easy. Though, we understand that walks with a suitcase are not a traveller´s dream...Substitute roads are possible to take by a metro, tram or their combination. To search the best possible way visit the Prague Transport Company at

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