Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Art tips for June

Prague supports art. Galleries grow like mushrooms after rain and they lure to experienced artists and also the new ones. A poster with an event invite hangs literally on every corner, screaming art, exhibition, the opening night... It is not possible to make it to all events and it is not even possible to be aware of all the upcoming events. Bellow stated events should be worth noticing in June time.
                     source: www.citybee.cz                   

Non-traditional use of colours and great deal of imagination is brought out by the Venezuelan artist Lucia Ciarcia. Auspiced by Venezuelan Consulate and under the roof of the Latin Art Gallery, you can experience Lucia´s view of reality until 18th June 2014.

Museum Kampa represents an exhibition of the fabled Zdeňek Miler, whose most famous character – Krteček (The Mole), is the world well known children´ star. The exhibition show last pieces from the from his twighlight years. It shall attract small and also big audience. 

          source: www.citybee.cz          
Many ordinary things have a non-traditional use. In case of a young artist Martina Signerová the regular toilet paper is turned into a jewelry. Unique exhibition named  Happy End, you can find in the gallery Září until 27th June 2014.

Inspiration source: www.citybee.cz

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