Monday, April 27, 2009

Prague spots for free

Recently I have read very interesting article in the Czech newspaper. It suggested to visit several places in Prague which are for free. Furthermore, these places aren’t known as Charles Bridge or Old Town Square; therefore, you can enjoy in quiet and friendly atmosphere.

The most narrow Prague´s street

It is just half meter wide and the people are directed by traffic lights. It doesn’t have any name and it is situated near Charles Bridge. The map is available here.

Infant Jesus and his clothes

Do you have any wish? If yes, you have to visit Our Lade Victory Church. It is said that the statue of Infant Jesus in this church will fulfil your wish. In addition, you can visit his wardrobe. These clothes are used for Infant Jesus by nuns. For more information please visit the site of Church – here.

Second level of St. Vitus's Cathedral

This Cathedral is very famous, everybody knows how does it look like from the bottom view; however, there is change to get to the second level and get completely another view at cathedral. You have to ask the management of chathedral to see the second level for free. Additional information about cathedral are available here.

Petrin´s undergound

The Petrin is hill is full of mines. The entrace is in Lobkovic graden at the Petrin. See more information here (Czech only but with the map)

Safe of Czech national bank

Nowdays there is an exhibition of Money and People. You can find also the examples of fakes. Few information available here.

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