Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Our Staff Reveals Their Favorite Places in Prague

WENDY, Reservations

"Řásnovka - hidden spot in the heart of Prague. This is just a little sneak peek of my favourite spot because this place is just the most amazing when it gets dark outside and they switch the street lights on. Ask our staff where to find Haštalské náměstí and take the first street left from there. You will pass the church and here you go: usually an empty street with a fairytale atmosphere."


ZUZANA, Reservation Agent

"If you want to experience the Czech culture to the fullest, you need to understand our humour. We, the Czechs, like to make fun of ourselves and we love the irony. What a better example of this, than the fact that one of the „biggest“ authors of the famous plays is a person that has never lived? I am talking about Jara Cimrman-a person created by the great directors, screen writers and producers Josef Smoljak and Zdeněk Svěrák (also known as the screen-writer of Oscar winning film Kolja) . Cimrman is a man, who was present to all the important discoveries in the 19th and 20th century, who were always the first and knew everyhing the best. Besides his other admirable abilities he has also written some plays that are the essence of our humour and make even the foreigners laugh. There is usually one performance played in the English language a month. If you are lucky enough to be in Prague when it is played, you should not miss it - Járy Cimrmana Theatre!"


LUBOŠ, Guest Services

"My favorite place to go with friends is definitely Naplavka in summer. It is a good place where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Prague while watching the sunset, drinking some good beer, and meeting new people. The atmosphere you experience at Naplavka is truly unique and overwhelming. When I want to relax and calm down a little I love going to Petřín or visit Vyšehrad. My two favorite places where I go when I really want to think and rest from all the troubles of a usual day."

ADÉLA, Guest Services

"Same as Luboš - my favourite place in Prague is Náplavka. You will find this area on the Vltava river bank, close to the Charles square or Žofín. There are beautiful views of Hradčany, Prague bridges and Prague castle. Every Saturday early in the morning famous farmer markets take place here. You can buy fruit and vegetables, all kind of meat, eggs, milk products, cakes, homemade juices but also typical Czech food. Visitors can enjoy this ´carnival´of food from February till October. During summer this place is perfect for everyone who loves warm weather and hanging out with friends. Bars and boats are open until early morning, you can also bring your own food and drinks, sit on a blanket and just enjoy your amazing time in Prague."


KLÁRA, Guest Services Manager

"I love to spend my time in Stromovka park – a great place for running and even a glass of wine or beer. It’s on the way from the city center to zoo (tram no. 17) in Bubeneč district. There is a nice restaurant with seating area and a stage for occasional concerts and shows. For kids there is a lovely children’s playground right next to the cafe serving great stuffed potatoes and fresh-squeezed juices. Not far from the park you can find Prague Exhibition Grounds, Sea World or the Prague Planetarium with one of the largest cupolas in the World."


LENKA, Residential Manager

"My favorite place in Prague is Gröbovka park, also known as Havlíčkovy sady. This beautiful park is located in Vinohrady district and it is great for a picnic or a walk with unique views of Prague. In a wooden gazebo you can get a glass of Gröbovka wine which comes from the local hillsides. In Pavilon Grébovka restaurant they serve various meals, in spring and summer they even offer specialities grilled outside. Easiest way to get there is to take a tram no. 22 from the city center - it takes just 15 minutes."


KATE, Guest Services

"My favourite place in Prague is nearby the Vltava river. If you want to enjoy almost rural atmosphere, go from the city center by tram no. 17 until you reach Holešovice district. You will pass a new Troja bridge, which is an interesting architectonical place. Then you will come down the street and reach a path along the river. During warm days, there are people relaxing at the bank next to the kayaking slalom course. If you go further from the weir, you will reach south gate of Chateau Troja and also south entrance to the prague Zoo. You can cross the river to the Stromovka park, which is another oasis of nature in the heart of a pulsing city."


MARY, Guest Services

"My favourite place is in the middle of Prague - it's near Vltavská which is a really ugly place and that's why it's strange that this place is so amazing! It is almost an island - "Střelecký ostrov". There is the most amazing bar where everybody sits on the grass with a tasty beer. Around the island the Vltava river flows and you can feel like you aren't in the city but you are actually in the very heart of Prague."


RADIM, Product Manager

"I fell in love with this place when I was a child. Since then I have visited National Technical Museum many times and every single visit I get surprised. You can view the most interesting exhibits of many technical fields – transportation, astronomy, architecture, photography, metalurgy, mining and others. Full admission price is 190 CZK, reduced price (seniors, children, students) is 90 CZK. The museum is located in Holešovice District – you can take a tram no. 17 to Čechův most station or any tram that goes to Letenské náměstí."


MARTINA, Executive Assistant

"If you want to see Prague from different perspective, rent a paddle boat! You can go with up to 3 friends and it is so much fun! On a sunny day choose one of the rental places and discover Prague from the river. My favorite rental place is located next to the Charles Bridge in Lávka Club. From here you have a unique opportunity to discover one of the most famous bridges in the world from below."


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