Sunday, January 3, 2016

How to spend January in Prague

A proper winter just started but crowds who spent Christmas and New Year's Eve left the city. Now it might be the perfect time for exploring Prague. However, don't forget to bring gloves and scarf with you.
Here is our list of 10 events happening in January which are worth to visit:

Czech Press Photo - until January 31st
The competition and the subsequent exhibition yield an independent and authenic visual testimony about life at home and abroad as seen by professional photojournalists living in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Czech Press photo supports the interest in photojournalism as a tool of interpersonal understanding and recognition.

Three Kings' Day at ZOO - 6.1. 9AM - 6PM
Three Kings will visit the Prague ZOO this day with little gifts for children visitors and blessing for the animals. Singing carols is also welcomed. The top of the day is meeting with camels - animals which Three Kings used for their journey to Bethlehem.

Open-air ice-skating
In several places in Prague is possible to rent ice skated and perform some serious figures on the ice rink. Please don't hesitate to ask our staff for directions.

Carnevale - 29.1. - 9.2.
The Festival Carnevale is not just a colourful show of historical allergorical festivities, but also a event full of brilliant ideas, unique skills and splendid creativity. After last successfull years you can look forward to a wide programm in museums, theatres, galleries and schools or restaurants. Programm will be published here.

Prague Short Films Festival - 22. - 23.1.
The best and most inspirative short films from the whole world are here for 11th time. The audience will have the opportunity to watch dozens of films in traditional sections - the international competition, the overview program of Czech cinema, the experimental films section Labo and the late night Brutal Relax Show. Tickets will be available from Januray 15 here - entrance fee is 90 CZK.

Out of Limits - until 28.2.
If you want to visit the famous Dancing House with combination of art - it is your chance. Czech artist and designer Bořek Šípek presents his own retrospective exhibition on second floor of the Dancing House. Almost 200 artistic pieces is presented - from glass art to designer pieces - all collected during his life.

Spectaculare - 20.1. - 12.2.
Festival Spectaculare is created for all fans of modern art. The main part is music in combination with theatre, ballet, videoart, videomapping of photo art. You can enjoy seven concerts, several workshops, film projections and on top of that three exhibitions. Tickets are still available.

Galadegustace Žofín - 28.1. 
International exhibtion of wines and liquors where you can buy whatever your mouth will like. All wines will be introduced directly by vine-growers themselves. Entrance fee - 590 CZK/person. Contact us for any help with buying tickets (website is only in Czech language).

Toyen - until February 16
I see for it is night represents the internally focused art of Toyen in several main sections. Carefully selected paintings were provided by many significant state and private Czech and Parisian collections.

Czech Cubism - until the end of 2017
Want to find out something new about Czech cubism? About Czech cubistic architects? This exhibtion is right for you. Held in beautiful House at the Black Madonna, not far from the Old Town Square.


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