Monday, January 25, 2010

Residence Karolina and Tripadvisor

For last several months we have recieved very good results with Residence Karolina on Tripadvisor. It is due to perfect reviews which we have recieved from our clients. Recently we moved Residence Karolina from the Specialty Lodging category on Tripadvisor to Hotel category. Maybe you know that Karolina was on the first place within the category of Specialty Lodging, nevertheless, within the Hotels Karolina has been placed on the sixth place.

With regards to our competiotion within the Hotel category sixth place is wonderful place for listings. Note that first four listings of our competition have been placed in the top ten on the world within favorite hotels category. Therefore we can claim that our competition on Tripadvisor is really high and the sixth place is very nice results.

Furthermore, if you compare the price level of other hotels on the first Tripadvisor page you will find that Residence Karolina has one of the cheapest property and you can hardly find better price/quality ratio within Prague´s listings.

In other words Residence Karolina is offering very comfortable and top quality Prague apartments. The main partner of Residence Karolina is Prague City Apartments (PCA). Reason why Residence Karolina has been ranked very well on Tripadvisor is that PCA offers first class concierge servis and very trendy accommodation in Prague Old Town.

For more information please visit the web of Residence Karolina.

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