Friday, January 30, 2009

Prague Security

In general, Prague is safer than most large cities in Europe. On one hand on the pages of U.S. Department of State you can find information about avoiding strikes, but on the other hand the strikes are occurring very rarely. The Czech Republic generally has a low crime rate. However, street crime – particularly pick-pocketing and occasional mugging –is a problem, especially in major tourist areas in Prague. From the lines above that the biggest problem of Prague security is concerning pickpocketing. On the picture below you can see the most risky spots in Prague (source:

With respect to pick-pocketing Police of CR noted over 20 cases per day of pick-pocketing in December 08. However there is need to take into the account that not all of robbed people come to report their experience to police of CR. Negative message is that tourist are the majority of robbed people. For better illustration, please see the picture below (source:

There is no problem to avoid being pick-pocketed. You have to pay bigger attention to more crowded spots or public transport and you will enjoy your Prague experience without any troubles. In addition never leave your bags unattended or coat with wallet on the back of your chair and NEVER leave a camera or cell-phone on a table. As I mentioned before, Prague is one of the safest city in Europe. For completing information I am adding a few suggestions (source:

•Don't change money on the streets. It's dangerous, it's illegal and it's more than likely counterfeit money.

• Using taxis, always agree on a price before getting in the cab. Normal fare within the city is 100-200 crowns--500-600 to the airport. Never accept "It's according to the meter." Establish a price. We are happy to call a reliable cab for you, or arrange our private very nice cars who work for us and are serious. Never ask a cab to take you to a 'gentleman's club,' as they often get at least 1,000 crown commission per one person.

• Very friendly girl or women with multiple children, who approach you on the streets are pick-pockets, protected by 'minders." Be very careful. Don't let them 'swarm' you with kids or into an alley. They are experts and are very dangerous.

• Some con artists pose as "Currency Inspectors." They will flash 'ID cards' and ask to inspect your money. NEVER DO THIS. There is NO SUCH PERSON as a currency inspector. If he persists, call for police--he will disappear immediately.

With regards to accommodation in Prague or apartments in Prague security level is very high. For Prague City Apartments company I can say that we are one of safest accommodation places in Prague. Recently our clients came to office and were really disappoined, because somebody burgled their apartment. Because of our high security - immediately our procedure was:

1) Checking security cameras at the corridors
2) Checking electronic keys (cards) - who, where, how and when used them
3) Checking surrounding area of the apartment

However we did not find anything suspicion. Finally we found that during they absence in the apartments they left open window. To be more clear they were staying on the first floor and there was small construction site behing the building. Unfortunately they have lost some of the valuables. Furthermore we are offering security sefes for protecting your values.

Finally it can be stated that Prague is safe place. On one hand Prague is suffering of pick-pocketing; however no more than the other european cities. On the other hand Prague is clean and safe place for spending your holiday without any fear. Prague accommodations are offering severel posibilities of protecting your private. Like example I have used my own experience and I have demostrate our security apartments systems.

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